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About LachComm

Australian Corn Non GMO
Our Company
Lachlan Commodities Pty Ltd is an innovative company specialising in the supply of identity preserved high quality grains to the international and domestic food industries.

Since its inception in 1993 it has shown consistent growth and has become recognised for its competitive and reliable supply of high quality product. 


Lachlan Commodities has developed a ‘total package’ concept by which the range of services offered to any particular client is customised to cover the special needs of that client.  Services include identity preservation and segregation of product, certified non-GMO status, paddock to processor traceability and just in time delivery.  Some of these services are highly desirable to the company’s international clients and the company’s customer-driven orientation gives it a unique position in this market. The company’s ability to guarantee traceability and quality gives it a significant advantage in the human consumption markets.


One of the unique features of the company is its long-term relationships with customers, suppliers and service providers. Lachlan Commodities’ ability to build and maintain these relationships over time provides reliability and consistency to clients and stability to the financial health of the company itself.


The size of the company allows it to offer a flexibility not always available from larger organisations and consequently it has been able to penetrate niche markets domestically and overseas. 


As Australia signs more Free Trade Agreements with global partners it provides Lachlan Commodities with the ability to expand and develop further export markets. It aims to continue using the current successful supply model to gain new markets for current commodities and establish new markets for new commodities to the mutual benefit of both the company itself and its valued clients.

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