Lachlan Commodities Product List.


Lachlan Commodities trades various types of grain to different markets within Australia and around the globe.



Lachlan Commodities supplies a range of various popcorn types including butterfly expansion, mushroom expansion and birdseed quality grain.

Butterfly Popcorn


Butterfly Popcorn, is the classic cinema style high expansion ratio popcorn.

Mushroom Popcorn

Mushroom Popcorn is popular for its use in flavoured or caramel coated style popcorn products.

White Maize / Corn


Lachlan Commodities' high quality White Corn varieties are delivered to meet various customer specifications.

Gritting Maize / Corn


Lachlan Commodities supplies a range of different gritting corns to suit various customers need.

Waxy Maize / Corn


Waxy Maize is used for Specialized Wet Milled Products such as Corn Starch 

Birdseed Popcorn


Popcorn that is too small for Human Consumption markets. .

Lachlan Commodities Pty Ltd

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