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Lachlan Commodities provides a customised range of services which makes it easier for our local farmers and customers from around the world to connect.
Grain & Quality Management

Lachlan Commodities has its own quality control system in place which complies with the national industry standard. The system is to provide the best quality products to our valued customers with reliability and consistency .

Logistics & Transport

Lachlan Commodities internal Logistics and Transport support team provides responsive and high quality management services. Supporting all your domestic and International freight needs from the farm to your doorstep.  

Research & Development

Lachlan Commodities highly value investing in research and development which allow us to reach the growing market expectations. Analysis and development can advance our famers by improving crop yields, profitability of farming systems and targeting specific varieties to best suit customer requirements. 

Technical Service & Support

Lachlan Commodities has a team of industry experts within the business to help and provide technical support to our clients. Please contact us via email or call us for all your technical needs.

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